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Judy is a memory improvement expert, author and professional speaker, who helps people of all ages remember in a way they never forget!


Judy Marcus, Memory Lady, makes remembering unforgettable!

Her topic is hot -- her solutions are outrageous yet practical - and her presentations are dynamic, fun, and interactive.

Author of WHERE ARE MY KEYS?, and creator of the LOVE Memory Method, and memory training expert, Judy motivates, inspires and empowers people of all ages to say good-bye to feeling frazzled and forgetful and to say hello to a great memory.

Audiences love her contagious enthusiasm and energy, and her powerful lessons for both business and everyday life.

Judy’s interactive speaking events are fun * informative * habit forming.

Whether it's a workshop, keynote, spouse program, milestone birthday celebration or a LOVE Your Brain Memory Party, you'll learn effective tools that you can use in your everyday life.

For your next event - book Judy today. Don't forget!